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Helping Surfboards factories increasing their business volume since 2006.

All our machines are specialized in offering the following benefits:

- High Speed Shaping, up to 1 m/s;

- High Quality of surface finishing on every spot

( Stringers, Surfaces and Rails );

- High Precision of shape +/- 0.5mm and

- High Accuracy on nose and tail;

- High production and quite no maintenance, just simple cleaning. 

This brings in a Premium finish that will make the difference for your final customer.

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What products do we offer?

We only offer solutions as a value in your factory.


We supply best factories with our machines and
know-how to organize and improve quantity and quality of products

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Stable & Reliable production process.

We are the choice of all the fastest growing start ups and new factories that want to improve their production capability.

Through reliable and easy maintenance machines we help you reaching

a new level of shaping.

CNC + Handwork is the final mixtape

you need in your factory.

1 VS 1 Customer care
We also develop Custom Projects as requested and are able to supervise production of Machines at your local Industries, so to avoid Shipping and Import Taxes for our customers.

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Professional & Instant Customer Care

Providing 1VS1 customer care is our main focus.

We not only offer you the best machines available out there, but we laser focus on the customer care.

Direct customer care with eng. Massimo Morini for all your short and long term doubts.

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